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Your home is your haven. And a healthy home is one that's free of toxins and stocked with natural materials that are as good for your body as they are soothing for your spirit.

Architectural/ Interior Designer at "Artesdesign" leads the way to creating a home that is friendly to the environment, reflect your personal style, and won't break the bank.

There is a need for radical changes in the way we plan for, design and build homes, to render them affordable and environmentally sustainable.

The planning system is largely a hangover from feudal attitudes towards land ownership. No towns are sustainable. Most countryside is losing humus, topsoil and biodiversity. Several generations have now grown up in towns and cities, with very few survival skills and little appreciation of our essential connection with the earth and with nature.


I I consider these problems to be critical and fundamental. What you can do about it? To build your own eco-home on a farm being run as a sustainable community, using the principles of permaculture to give us a home with a 'one planet' ecological footprint and right livelihood. l also designed the house to be beautiful and comfortable, so that others might be inspired to do likewise.


What is a healthy home?

For most of us, ideal indoor conditions are similar to outdoor conditions during pleasant weather. A perfect home environment might feel like an orchard on a mild spring day, with gentle breezes blowing, limitless fresh air and subtle fragrancer- there may be pleasant diffuse light passing through tree canopies, the sounds of rustling leaves, other people and perhaps flowing water. This idyllic image suggests that the best building is like no building at all. But of course we need suppoertive shelter when the weather is harsh.

However, instead of supportive shelter many of us live and work in buildings filled with desiccated and stagnant air, surrounded by chemical vapors and hazardous dust, under monotonous lights, assaulted by a chaotic symphony of buzzing, clanking, growling and squeaking equipment. There is growing evidence that today's artificial environments are a major cause or irritation, stress and ultimately disease.

Who needs a healthy home?

Healthy buildings aren't just for sick people. In this age of health consciousness a great deal of attention has been focused on diet, exercise and personal habits such as smoking and alcohol and drug use, but there is another, less apparent realm that may be affecting your health: your home and work environments.

Our home environment is vital to our health, especially in hot and cold weather. Homemakers, the very young and the very old spend up to 90% of their time inside. People working outside the home still spend about 50% of their time at home, indoors. Yet while public attention and government regulation have focused on the need to control environmental pollution, little has been said about indoor condition and prevention.

(Brief reviews from the book ”Healthy by Design” by David Rousseau and James Wasley)